GS1 Barcode Compliance

PPS Follows the GS1 Meat Barcode Standards in both 2D and 1D Formats

Quickbooks Integration

Direct integration with Quickbooks Invoicing, Purchase Orders, Credit Memo's, Sales Orders and More

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Scale Solutions

Industrial Wash Down PC Operator Interfaces, Printing Scale Systems and GS1 Labeling

Wireless Data

Portable Wireless Barcode Data Collection

Order Entry

Sales Order Entry, Scanning Shipping and Tracking.  Purchase Order Entry all with Quickbools integration

Versions Pro and Lite

Pro and Lite label printing scales. Multiple Versions available to get you rolling

SQL Server

Microsoft™ SQL Server Industrial Strength Database Back End

Receiving Purchasing

Receive carcasses and boxed meat with and without barcodes.  Learn outside vendor GS1 barcodes

RFID Ear Tag

RFID Ear Tag Reading, Animal Traceability and Slaughter Software.  Meat Processing Traceability Software

Inventory Control

Meat Processing Inventory Control.  Cycle Counts and Carcass Traceability

Provision Processing System Meat Traceability and Inventory Management Software

​Full Service Turn Key Meat Processing Software Programs Hardware and Service
Meat and Fish Processing Software.   Watch Our Rugged PC Durability Test Video

Production Reporting

Production Real Time Reporting, Tracking and Recall Software for meat processors

PC Solutions

Packaged and Custom Meat Processing Software Programs.  Food Traceability Software - Food Process Traceability