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PPS is a turn key solution, meaning we provide everything from software to labels.  We have learned over the last 45 years in business that not all hardware is created equal, and that the quality of your hardware can make or break a system. So, its best to invest in PPS! Interested? Contact Us today or call us at 203-792-2854.

We Provide:

Touch Screen PC's- Our touchscreen PC's are super rugged NEMA 4X machines designed for the meat processing industry.  Designed to be serviceable and have as few cables as possible, our touch screen PC's are glove friendly and rugged all in one. The Scale, PC, and power are all in one box.  This enclosure seals out helpful hands and water from your PC, printer, power supply, and scale indicator. 2 wires are all you need to start.

Tablets- Our touchscreen tablets are designed to withstand harsh environments.  With integrated bar code scanners we can utilize these units for E-commerce fulfillment, delivery confirmation, and more.

Scales- All of our scale hardware is non-proprietary. Meaning, it can be calibrated and serviced by your local scale dealer if needed.  We source only the most trouble-free hardware.  We know how harsh your environment can be, and we want to make sure your scales can take it. Whether it be a portion scale or an NTEP Legal For Trade Monorail Scale, PPS has the solution.

Printers- We work mostly with Zebra products, but can also work with other brands when needed.  We can print on blanks and pre-printed labels.  We print on cards for carcass tagging as well.  Printers can be configured for wireless, ethernet, and USB depending on the application.  Wash down label printer enclosures are available as well.

Scanners- PPS works mostly with Zebra products.  Our mobile computer scanners are Android based.  In some cases we can use other branded mobile computers where the environment would allow it.  We use these units in our in-house operations, E-Commerce fulfillment systems, delivery confirmation, and photo capture.​



Labels- PPS provides labels in many sizes, materials, and configurations depending on the application.  Whether it be a 4-color label to go directly on the product, a food safe insert, or a white case label, we have our artists and designers ready to assist. 

Networking- Networking may be something that you already have, or something that you need to enhance. PPS has solutions for your wireless, switching, servers, and anything else needed to make your network run efficiently.  We also have custom designed boxes for adding networking hardware into harsh environments.

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